Pitch unlimited songs to real advertisements & major motion film for $15 a month. 


The best part? You keep 100% of your royalties.


Multiple times a week, we receive briefs from music supervisors, publishers, ad agencies, and artists who need a specific song. We send out a confidential e-mail to our members with that brief. You send back a song you have - and we pitch it! It's really that simple.

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Briefs that we receive (and you can pitch to) have ranged from $500 to $80,000 USD in total payout. More often than not, these opportunities range between $8,000 USD and $25,000 USD. The Music Supervisors, Ad Agencies & Publishers we work with have had success with local businesses to Fortune 500 Companies (Coca Cola, Netflix, Mercedes, NFL, Microsoft, etc.)

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That is totally ok! We have writers, producers, and top-liners from all over the globe on the roster. From Indie Songwriters to Grammy Award Winning Producers. Whether you live in Timbuktu, NYC or under-a-rock, you'll be good to go.

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Nope. The sync license payout and additional royalties are 100% yours. Should you land something, THAT PITCH does not take a dime. It is your music. A monthly membership of $15, and we call it even.



Skip the years of "getting connections" and start pitching already.


Playin' it safe.

15 /mo

Unlimited pitch opportunities all month long

Keep 100% of your royalties

FREE eBooks from THAT PITCH Education

International support

Easy pay-outs from placements


Goin' steady.

135 /year

Unlimited pitch opportunities for the entire year, and save 25%.

Keep 100% of your royalties

FREE eBooks from THAT PITCH Education

International support

Easy pay-outs from placements


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SO let me get this straight, It’s really that simple? Yes. check below.




Included with every THAT PITCH membership is a free copy of 'YOUR BEST PITCH' from THAT PITCH Education. Helping you understand our terminology, how to treat deadlines, proper labelling, file types, etc. As soon as you sign up, you will receive a welcome email including 'YOUR BEST PITCH.'


Expect many more ebooks and freebies throughout your membership with THAT PITCH. 





Dark Label Producer Development, Songwriting Team, Make Pop Music

Charlotte, NC / Nashville, TN.

"THAT PITCH is an unmatched opportunity for any independent top liner, producer, or artist getting into the sync licensing world. Whether you're someone who wants to pitch non-stop, or are just interested as a side-hustle, this is perfect."


Override Music Publishing

Los Angeles, CA.

"THAT PITCH has been an awesome source for us as an Independent Publisher in LA. For our writers, it’s been a great place to pitch to advertisements, and as a publisher, it’s been a great place to receive briefs!"


Producer at Muscle Shoals & FAME (Credits w/ Fantasia, Anthony Hamilton)

Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

"As someone who writes, produces and tracks songs for a living in the heart of Muscle Shoals. I can say wherever you are in the world, this is a great tool for any producer, artist, or songwriter."



Make Pop Music

Orlando, FL.



Basic Questions, answered.

How do I pitch? Do I need any special software?

It's easy! You do not need any crazy software.

We want to make things as easy and economical as possible for every one of our members. Instead of having special pitching software that has a monthly retainer, we simply request MP3's for all of our pitches sent to us in a specified email, labelled through protocol in our free Ebook "YOUR BEST PITCH." This way, you have it uploaded for us, it's organized, and we can send it off immediately! :) 

Am I guaranteed a placement by signing up?

Although we'd love to - we absolutely can not guarantee you a placement. Anyone who says they can is simply lying. All we can do is guarantee that whoever sends us the brief/opportunity actually listens to your pitch & gives it a real chance for the film production they're part of. If it's the perfect fit for their film, they choose it. If it's not - it's not picked. That's how it works everywhere! Knowing that pitching is a bit of a gamble every time, we made it as ethically priced as possible while still keeping us afloat. You can pitch to all of the opportunities we have, for the price of a burrito every month (plus guac.) badaboom.

Should I get a placement, how do I get paid?

Depending where you live in the world, we'll send you a payment via PayPal as soon as the deal is done! Easy schmeaseeee. The reason why we use PayPal is simply because, they are the easiest (and safest) payment processor for transferring large funds internationally.

How many briefs can I expect a month?

It absolutely can range as the nature of film / ad productions can change (seasonally) however, on average we see as many as 30 and as little as 5 high-end, detailed briefs a month. 

Do you forward all pitches you receive to your contact? 

We are lucky in the fact that our members are both talented and work so hard. We are also very strict about only sending out a brief, if it has enough real insight so our members can write something that would truly apply to it, and that they would be confident with. Having said that, we have a strong criteria that must be met when pitching. If it turns out that a song is sent through and it does not match the brief/opportunity's criteria, (either musically or sonically,) we have the right to not pass it through to our contact. However, if this is the case, we will always tell our member why - and give a helping hand offering advice and suggestions to improve upon for the next brief that is sent their way!

The reason we do not send things that may not work is simply this - in order for us to receive cool opportunities for you, we need to be trusted by our contacts that we can send in material that helps them in their search for the right music. After all, not only are we helping you pitch your music, but we are helping music seekers find the right music. It's much easier for them to hit us up, and us being able to provide awesome music that works, rather then them seek out their hundreds of contacts. It just simplifies the music for both parties involved. Which is why we want to make sure both parties are taken care of in the long run. :)

If I wanted to leave, how do I unsubscribe?


If you have the monthly membership, all you have to do is find your previous email via billing, and you can click an unsubscribe button. This will then take you to a link where you will need to put in your email linked with billing, and your Transaction ID Number (included in Invoice Email) - you put it in there, and can manage your subscription.

For year long memberships, we can take you off the membership at your discretion at any time no problem at all, however there is not a partial refund for the remaining time left on the clock.

No matter what, if you are a member and choose to unsubscribe - you will have all of the briefs available for the remaining part of your billing period!

Always bare in mind, pitching is the long game. This is something that simply takes a while. It's an art, and a hard thing to do. But the payoffs can be absolutely incredible. The cool part, is that should you land 1 opportunity - it would quite literally pay for your membership for (at the bare minimum) 30 years. The pros certainly outweigh the cons. We suggest if you have the money to buy a burrito every month - why not invest that into your music career? As the old saying goes - “you miss all the shots you don’t take.”

Is THAT PITCH an end-all-be-all for pitching? Is this the only resource I need?

THAT PITCH is an incredible tool opening up a bunch of opportunities to producers, songwriters, and topliners around the world. It is a great fundamental service to always have because whether you are landing syncs, or making material with real briefs - you are constantly building your back-catalog, which always puts you in better chances for landing any brief that comes your way (whether ours or a connection you’ve made on your own.) However, this should be only one tool of many in your toolbox. Personal connections are always encouraged, and as always, plain ol’ hard work. We truly believe in what we have to offer, and know it can only help our members, but nothing beats someone who hustles all around and takes every opportunity they can get. Again, this is just one tool to help grow your career - and should not be viewed as an end all be all. We like to always throw around the mantra of, “PRO, Sound Exchange, a great distributer, an admin for your publishing, and That Pitch” to make sure your fundamentals are covered.

Who are ya'? What's the story?

THAT PITCH is a division of THAT NINETIES KID MUSIC GROUP based out of beautiful Uptown Charlotte NC, USA. After receiving so many pitch requests and simply not having the material we needed to pitch from our own catalog, we figured what a better way to offer these opportunities than up to badass independent producers, songwriters, and top liners around the world. Make it outrageously affordable so anyone who can buy a burrito (+ guac & chips) can have the opportunity to pitch their music, while we can pay a little support team to make sure everyone has a good, and easy experience. We like being 100% transparent about everything. We're not here to have super crazy fancy software that could confuse you - we’re real people, keepin’ it simple, and hope to open some doors for you in the long run. Is pitching really hard? Oh, you betcha. But hey, if we can provide opportunities to people who need more coming in - and maybe land em’? Well hell yeah, we’ve done our job. The music industry after all, is a confusing place where people tend to keep their insight and contacts to themselves… and honestly, that’s just not our style. Helpin’ out, and hookin' it up is much more our speed.